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Uwe Nolte | Barditus

Drunk Uncle Uwe Nolte (Barditus, but also Orplid, Rückgrat and Sonnentau)  announced on 19 February 2023 that his Barditus MCD “Dein Schwert” release was cancelled by the label who ought to produce it, Steinklang, based in Latvia. Kudos to him for sparing us that. Why was it cancelled? Oh, because Drunk Uncle Uwe spoke out against German weapons deliveries to Ukraine – but certainly there’s a bit more than that, ain’t it right Uncle? Uncle deleted or probably hid his post on his Facebook, but it’s still available on Instagram – here it is in all its glory:

“Achtung, Achtung: leider muß ich die Veröffentlichung der BARDITUS-MCd “Dein Schwert!” absagen, bzw. vertagen. Das Label “Steinklang” hat die Zusammenarbeit gekündigt, weil ich mich gegen die deutschen Waffenlieferungen in die Ukraine aussprach. Ich bin Ästhet, ehre den Krieger, aber nicht die Zerstörung und hoffe zukünftig von Entweder/Oder-Idioten verschont zu bleiben. Macht euren Krieg ohne mich!”

“Attention, attention: unfortunately I have to publish the BARDITUS MCd “Your sword! ” cancel, or procrastinate. The label “Steinklang” has terminated cooperation because I spoke out against German arms deliveries to Ukraine. I am Aesthet, honor the warrior but not the destruction and hope to be spared from either/or idiots in the future. Fight your war without me!”

Some of our friends wrote a piece about this, so with their kind permission we reprint it as it was already so good.

The other day, the disgrace of the German neofolk scene, Uwe Nolte (a small guy in a Gagarin T-shirt) smeared his snot all over Facebook, and at the same time made a coming out – he admitted that he was an ordinary clown (which many had not doubted for a long time). But first things first.

I don’t understand a word of German, so I rely on online translators who claim that Uwe is complaining that the release of the new EP Dein Schwert! his project BARDITUS is postponed, or may even not take place at all, since the Steinklang label refused to cooperate with the group for the reason that Uwe, during one of his recent concerts, called not to transfer German weapons to Ukraine.

Uwe also added that he is an esthete and respects warriors, but in fact he is for peace and hates destruction. In other words, the German admits to being an ordinary poser who uses “right-wing” aesthetics, all those runes, oak wreaths and swords on logos, to monetize creativity.

What a fat story is being lost, dear Russian patriots, don’t you think? Real Germanpussy-suffererRussia’s friend is being insulted! The poet and musician are silenced and not allowed to publish an album because of their civic position on Ukraine! Is it really possible that invincible and rich Russia can’t find a couple of thousand dollars to publish BARDITUS ? These are mere pennies! The Armenians and Jews from your TV have not worked for that kind of money for a long time, but here a real German, and even from Germany itself, and even in a T-shirt with Gagarin, you can make such a gorgeous report! Moreover, a grateful German can probably be put on TV with dear Armenians and Jews, where he will gladly talk about the terrible and difficult life in Germany. Don’t eat real fat!

And finally. What’s with the music? Did Steinklang deprive us of much by not releasing the BARDITUS EP ?

Found a video for the song Dein Schwert! , it’s probably from that same EP. Listen and decide for yourself.

In my opinion, Steinklang should be thanked not only for the correct civic position, but also for the fact that, due to the obvious crap that is the work of BARDITUS , they did not waste paper and plastic, which means they saved a couple of trees and a can of oil for future generations.

Here’s the mentioned video, which sounds indeed like a drunk uncle vomiting in our ears, but we added the “Wald-Gang” hilarious clip because WHY DID YOU RIP-OFF METALLICA’S “AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS”?

Now more about Uwe from his Discogs profile

And here is Barditus. Left to right :

  • Christian Sch.
  • Rudolf from the band Sonnenkind who collaborated with Allerseelen, Miel Noir, TSIMDZ, Von Thronstahl and the wonderful “Eurasian Artists association” compilations led by TSIMDZ. More about all that crap soon.
  • Drunk Uncle Uwe Nolte
  • Marcel “Pee” Runde (Miel Noir, Allerseelen, Fahl, Halgadom, Svarrogh, Werra)