Against The Ruscist Creeps


Allerseelen, from Austria, namely Gerhard Hallstatt, along with Marcel “P” Runde (Miel Noir, Uwe Nolte’s band Barditus and others) and Christien H, is scheduled to play at Menuo Juodaragis in August 2024.

EDIT 5 APRIL 2024 : Menuo Juodaragis has cancelled the Allerseelen performance.

Gerhard has been rather “shy” concerning his position about the invasion war of Ukraine by russia. But here are a few hints.

After the failed attempt of bombing Alexander Dugin’s car which resulter in the death of his daughter Daria, Gerhard posted many articled about it on his Telegram channel

Dugin’s position regarding the invasion of Ukraine is rather well known. Is it useful to go into that lunatic’s eurasist/russian supremacist positions again? For those who don’t know :

Gerhard has been posting many hommages to Darya Dugina, mostly from pro-putin accounts.

Among these accounts that are regularly relayed are the channels of Haus Atlantis, Vladimir Tupin, the Suworow Institut, Intel Slava Z which all share the same views about russia and Ukraine, and have been extensively promoting putinist propaganda.

Gerhard also shared putinist propaganda on his twitter account, such as this post he retweeted regarding the fake news of Ukraine being responsible for the Crocus concert hall  terrorist attack in moscow.

Gerhard also promoted Götz Kubitscheck and Martin Lichtmesz on his Instagram account. Really nice guys as well, who don’t hesitate to push pro-russian and duginist narratives.

Also, bassist Marcel P, who also plays with Uwe Nolte who will certainly have his own article soon, plays in Miel Noir, a band that was featured on a compilation released by the “Eurasian Artists Association”, a pro-dugin/pro-putin label which has since released a compilation promoting the invasion of Donbass by the russian army.