Against The Ruscist Creeps

Dero Goi (ex-OOMPH!)

Ex-member of German Neue Deutsche Härte band OOMPH! Dero Goi has zero problems playing in russia – he loves it. Turning alt-right, antivax, into conspiracy theories seems like something quite common for our dear vatniks. No wonder why he has some success in russia.

Here’s a sum-up from a redditor :

  • in early 2018 he started getting sucked into alt-right/far-right stuff by watching Paul Joseph Watson videos

  • Dero went on another alt-right posting spree in 2019 that caused ticket sales for the London part of the tour to suffer (and was called out on it enough that a public apology was issued, which now I’m 80% sure wasn’t actually written by him but the management team, because it didn’t sound like his normal writing style)

  • sometime in late 2019/early 2020 he converted to Christianity, specifically the Pentecostal sect (but didn’t go public with it until late 2020 IIRC) and essentially got sucked into a cult

  • during the pandemic he was very vocal about being anti-vaxx (and he still is), to the point him being strongly anti-vaxx caused Chris Harms to immediately disband their side project Die Kreatur after a now-deleted livestream where Dero started ranting about the vaccines being some nanotechnology method of mind control (or something; he wasn’t making much sense) and Bill Gates

  • he also went on a highly racist rant in 2019 after the video for Rammstein’s “Deutschland” video dropped and the band had Germania portrayed by a black actress (for the longest time, the quickest way you were guaranteed to get him to show up in your comments was to mention you liked that video and/or the band and he would go off on paragraph-long rants that reek of major jealousy)

  • he’s also disowned all his past music and time with OOMPH! and Die Kreatur, stating that it is “Satanic”, and he’s claimed in interviews with German Christian YouTubers that during the past 30+ years until his conversion he was possessed by Satan. He’s also disowned his past with OOMPH! to the point that a few months ago he was selling off everything associated with it in an attempt to make enough money to survive the costs of living

  • During Pride month he really ramped up the queerphobia to the point of comparing queer people celebrating Pride to Nazi Germany

  • Ever since the war between Ukraine and Russia started, Dero hasn’t even bothered to hide the fact that he supports Russia and Putin, including making several trips to Russia while all this has been going on. Naturally, Ukranian fans are pissed–and even Russian fans are starting to get angry at him due to comments he’s made on social media.

  • At this point in his home country of Germany, the only person still willing to work with him is Chris Wolff, his partner on their What About Bill? side-project. He’s also done one (1) collaboration with Eisbrecher (the song “Dagegen”) since all this started that got major backlash, and I haven’t heard anything about them collaborating together since (aside from Dero writing a forward in a “greatest hits” compilation CD for Eisbrecher). Nobody else wants to work with him professionally anymore, and quite a few musicians are taking open shots at him. It seems like the only work he can get at this point is DJ gigs.

Even though he was touring Ukraine no later than 2021, he expressed nothing in public concerning russia’s invasion war of Ukraine – but still find the words for the moscow ISIS terrorist attack on Crocus concert hall.