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Eurasian Artists Association

Where to start with these attention whores. EAA has been doing entryism in the industrial/martial/neofolk for quite some years, thanks to italian Solimano Mutti from “TSIDMZ” and french Olivier Steing from “Barbarossa Umtrunk” (we’ll get to you later, guys), and some help from moskals, mostly Gosha Solnzev from “Noises Of russia”.

They’ve been producing some cum-pilations, sold on CDR through the label ECT in Greece, GH Records in Spain and Skullline in Germany, and which are available through Bandcamp where it says that profits from the sales are going to russian forces. Well, it’s good to know that Bandcamp helps funding the russian full scale invasion.

Quote : The collection is dedicated to our holy war against the Western forces of Evil. We fully support our Russia and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

We hope our collections will help all patriotic people unite! Thank you to the participants, God bless you! Victory will be ours!

All funds from the sale of the donation will be used to publish the album and support the Armed Forces of Russia. 

Worth to mention that artwork was done by Igor Vaganov, from russian webzine Achtung Baby.
Oh, eurasian kitty has a sad?
Ah, there's our friends from Allerseelen and Sonnenkind, who also plays with Drunk Uncle Uwe Nolte
Ah, Gregorio Bardini. We wish we could make a post about him, but there's so little to say that , errrrr, no. Congrats Gregorio, you made it here anyway.
Oh the eurasian boys must have wet their panties that day

Beautiful to see that cringy boomer memes are a kink for eurasian artists.

oh josef will be pleased and certainly will drop us another 3 or 4 love letters
Ah, Marcell Pee Runde's project Miel noir, already mentioned in the Allerseelen article, and Changes. More about that soon...
In memory of that cunt, we would sing the Charles Trenet old french song - Boom.
Well don't you want to ride the tiger, boys? Oh no, Barbarossa Umtrunk is banned from Discogs?
Hopefully there are webzines who are willing to review their productions, like Roberto Filipozzi's Darkroom magazine, a good friend of our dear Zimone.
...and some labels willing to sell them, like Skullline records in Germany. Well, do they actually sell?
Oh I love eurasians tears. I drink a full cup every day.
Aaaaah, drunk uncle, you again?
Ok, I lied, here's Gregorio again.
More eurasian tears!
Yes darya was making music. Yes, it's full cringe.
More eurasian tears!
Interesting to see George Burdi from RAC/oï band RAHOWA (meaning "RAcial HOly WAr") mentioned here. I heard you guys wanted to denazify us?
Martial industrial Neofolk

Von Thronstahl

Oh how we cringed.

I mean, Josef Klumb and Von Thronstahl have always been like the retarded consanguine guy in the village, doing the cringiest things possible. But 2023 reached new lows with two “music videos” which gave us brain cancer. The links are below, but make sure you are prepared to watch them.

The first one being “Mit Leoparden in den Sonnenuntergang“, a rip-off from Giorgio Moroder with exquisite lyrics :

Freeze against Putin’s fire
More human warmth from Qatar
How many German tanks have to roll
for the USA to stay in power?

Tell me how many gun lobbyists
are you waiting at the traffic lights in the meantime?
The German delivery angels ride
on leopards in the sunset


Who are the fake pacifists here?
Who wants arms delivery totally?
Green unity under the stars and stripes
Human rights fatal schizophrenia

Can you already feel the green economic miracle?
Have you distanced yourself from all Russians?
Economic growth for high earners
Who really sanctioned whom here?

Give me my double W
Weidel and Wagenknecht
concentrated female power
lived women’s rights

NATO leaders couldn’t help it
Ami put out his feelers
Matchstick and jerrycans
The White House delivered in advance
Human rights only for appearances
vote them out, send them home

So colorful, so stupid, so far, so good
Doubt grows, anger flourishes
CDU heavenly child,
hang your flag from outside into the wind

More followers than there have been for a long time
What an unexpected return
Pacifists are betting on victory
dream of peace and force war.

After looking for pictures on Google Images and with the editing skills of a 5 years old suffering from hyperactivity disorder, our dear Jay-Kay put together this absolutely glorious video that would certainly be number one in an idiocratic parallel dimension where the earth would be flat and ruled by evil reptilians.

Why is there a panzer-fraulein dancing in BDSM gear?
Don’t know.
Don’t want to know.

Why is there suddenly long texts popping in? A bear? Political leaflets? Movie stills from ‘1984’?

The video ends with an unreadable political statement.

Josef musts feel like a highly intellectual, surely. He just managed to give us a brain cancer.

Next we have “TRAGE KEINEN HEILIGENSCHEIN HEUT’ NACHT I.& II.“. If you watched the previous video, get some time to relax, go out, breathe. We decline all responsabilities if you watch the second video in a row and if your new brain cancer gets itself a brain cancer. And if you managed to get to the end, and go through the five minutes of text, you’re our hero – we didn’t. The video itself is almost as cheesy, crappy and cringy as the previous one.

Subtle dictation and indoctrination,
Governing us like this won’t work
we alarm, act and insist
You sit with Markus Lanz in the evening
and pray the secular rosary
and sing the litany together
about the great threat from the right-wing party
If I can choose, and guess who
then I choose, as the sovereign
and whoever does not allow me to choose freely
shows me where the wind is blowing from.
They court the foreign and are always ready
to love your neighbor when he comes from far away.
Domestic violence and the open knife
This import does not make our country any better
I have friends who come from far away.
And they love this homeland of ours.
And then for me they are part of it
with or without an accent, they are like me and you.
Behind green avatars,
the mustiness from the late 60s
They were elected and overnight
the goats in the country have been turned into gardeners
Late revenge is her master plan
You sit at Borchardt and eat vegan
They were asked for cluster munitions
Because they set out to do good.
And they work in the spirit of that devilish power
who creates evil with the will for good.
They discuss things with Markus Lanz in the evening
and the wreath of thorns goes to someone in the group
And a tribunal talks to him
because the way he speaks he must be a monster
Someone has to give the monster
And the others withdraw his blessing.
There will be no interruptions during the TV evening today
Because a guest is being interrogated on ZDF.
Tonight we’re chilling at home
Because at Markus Lanz a guest is being grilled.
Sitting behind the loom of their new ideology
they defend democracy, flimsily
as the harvestmen of defamation
with the fantasies of your utopia
in self-destructive idiocy
More than just the green bourgeoisie are hanging on
on the silken threads of Kakistocracy.
Emasculated Jacobins sing freedom songs
Don’t settle where the mainstream is rushing
When the old party is in danger of crashing
Every hour the powerlessness calls for a ban
but when you are big and no longer small
The middle is the first to let itself get involved with you
“I have awakened from a deep dream,”
don’t wear a halo tonight.

Someone has to be the monster
Going with the flow keeps you pure
Seeming good is in vogue
only a bad person behaves stubbornly
Nobody should be an inhuman
keep your thoughts pure
Running along is popular
Only evil people remain stubborn


Dearest Josef,
We got your email, thank you.
How much NATO are we? Well, we’re non-binary, yesterday morning it was 93%, at a certain hour around 18:14 it even was 88% for a few seconds, but we didn’t check the NATO-meter today.
Oh, there would have been zero deaths on each sides if your little man in the kremlin had left Ukrainians live their lives in 2014.