Against The Ruscist Creeps

Zimone did it again

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So, a while ago, Side Line magazine reposted part of our articles here. Which of course our dear and legendary awesome-ish Zimone didn’t like. At all. We can only imagine him raging, sadly, after posting videos from WGT in Leipzig dedicated to his friends & enemies.

Then, nothing. Until Kyiv was struck by a massive attack, including the bombing by russian army of the Okhmatdyt hospital in Kyiv, with a KH-101 missile. Propagandists have been at it again, but, yes dear Zimone, this is an intact KH-101.


So Side Line posted this on their Instagram, which led to the usual bitching of useful/less idiots whining about “what about Palestine” which is now the new “what about Iraq”.


Because he can’t help being a giant asshole and needs to make sure he’ll get the award of the biggest douche in the universe 2024 after winning it last year.

Those were screened under the Instagram post of Side-Line here before zimone starts to delete them in his usual way.


So, Side-Line reposted their article about our dear zimone… And… Well, zimone being zimone…

Don’t stop, zimone, you’re amazing.