Against The Ruscist Creeps

Who are you?
Volunteers from Europe (which includes Ukraine, obviously) who are into music, and supporters of Ukraine and Ukrainians in the genocidal invasion war that has been perpetrated against them since 24 February 2022, and in taking back their rightful borders that were stolen by putin’s regime since 20 February 2014.

Why are you doing this website?
Because we’re fed up with musicians and bands sneaking around without having their disgusting pro-putin/ruscist narratives exposed. Just like NAFO fellas and other online activists, we decided to do more.

Can I contact you? Can I help with some articles or send some informations or screenshots?
Yes, do it :
You can even write us some hatemail, we’ll make sure your email and message can be seen by everyone on our future Hatewall.

Are you antifa? Left-wing? Right-wing? Nazis?

What is RUSCISM?
Ruscism, also known as Rashism, Russism, or Russian fascism, is a term used by a number of scholars, politicians and publicists to describe the political ideology and the social practices of the Russian state in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, especially during the rule of Vladimir Putin. “Ruscism” and “Russism” are portmanteaus which combine the words ‘Russian’ and ‘fascism’; “Rashism” is a rough transcription of the Russian and Ukrainian equivalents (also a portmanteau). It is also used in reference to the ideology of Russian military expansionism, and has been used as a label to describe an undemocratic system and nationality cult mixed with ultranationalism and a cult of personality. That transformation was described as based on the ideas of the “special civilizational mission” of the Russians, such as Moscow as the third Rome and expansionism, which manifests itself in anti-Westernism and supports regaining former lands by conquest. The term “Rashist” is also widely used by Ukrainian officials and media to more generally identify members of the Russian Armed Forces and supporters of Russian military aggression against Ukraine.
The modern use of the term can be traced back to 1995, when it was used in the context of the First Chechen War, but the use of it became more common after the Russo-Georgian and Russo-Ukrainian wars and most recently, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

What’s a VATNIK?
Vatnik (Russian: ватник, pronounced [ˈvatʲnʲɪk]) is a political pejorative used in Russia and other post-Soviet states for steadfast jingoistic followers of propaganda from the Russian government.
The use of the word originates from an Internet meme first spread by Anton Chadskiy on VKontakte in 2011, and later used in Russia, Ukraine, then in other post-Soviet states. Its meaning refers to the original cartoon, which depicts a character made from the material of a padded cotton wool jacket (vatnik in Russian) and bearing a black eye, which is used to disparage someone as a blindly patriotic and unintelligent jingoist who pushes the conventional views presented in Russian government media as well as those of Russian web brigades. The name “Vatnik” derives from the cotton wool jacket (Telogreika) that Chadskiy’s cartoon character in the meme is made from.

What’s a TANKIE?
Tankie is a pejorative label generally applied to authoritarian communists, especially those who support acts of repression by such regimes or their allies. More specifically, the term has been applied to those who express support for one-party Marxist–Leninist socialist republics, whether contemporary or historical. It is commonly used by anti-authoritarian leftists, including anarchists, libertarian socialists, left communists, democratic socialists, and reformists to criticise Leninism, although the term has seen increasing use by liberals and right‐wing factions as well.
The term “tankie” was originally used by dissident Marxist–Leninists to describe members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) who followed the party line of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). Specifically, it was used to distinguish party members who spoke out in defense of the Soviet use of tanks to crush the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the 1968 Prague Spring uprising, or who more broadly adhered to pro-Soviet positions. In UK English, especially within the left, it can be used to mean someone with traditional statist left wing views, compared to more moderate centrist politics.
The term is now extended to describe people who endorse, defend, or deny the crimes committed by communist leaders such as Vladimir Lenin,Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. In recent times, the term has been used across the political spectrum and in a geopolitical context to describe those who have a bias in favor of anti-Western authoritarian states with a socialist legacy, such as Belarus, China, North Korea, and Russia. Additionally, tankies are said to have a tendency to support non-socialist states and political groups with no socialist legacy if they are opposed to the United States, regardless of their ideology, such as Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

Your website is defaming my band!
Good. Go live in russia.

But I am for peace!
No, you’re a tankie who’s for a country capitulating to an imperialist colonizer.

But NATO provoked….
Oh shut up. Just fucking shut up.

I bet you’re just internet warriors doing nothing more.
Yeah, you bet.

Where is your website hosted so I can file a lawsuit?
In Ukraine, so as long as Ukraine is not part of EU, it is not concerned by European laws. Now you wish it was part of EU, you vatnik scum.