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Eurasian Artists Association

Where to start with these attention whores. EAA has been doing entryism in the industrial/martial/neofolk for quite some years, thanks to italian Solimano Mutti from “TSIDMZ” and french Olivier Steing from “Barbarossa Umtrunk” (we’ll get to you later, guys), and some help from moskals, mostly Gosha Solnzev from “Noises Of russia”.

They’ve been producing some cum-pilations, sold on CDR through the label ECT in Greece, GH Records in Spain and Skullline in Germany, and which are available through Bandcamp where it says that profits from the sales are going to russian forces. Well, it’s good to know that Bandcamp helps funding the russian full scale invasion.

Quote : The collection is dedicated to our holy war against the Western forces of Evil. We fully support our Russia and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

We hope our collections will help all patriotic people unite! Thank you to the participants, God bless you! Victory will be ours!

All funds from the sale of the donation will be used to publish the album and support the Armed Forces of Russia. 

Worth to mention that artwork was done by Igor Vaganov, from russian webzine Achtung Baby.
Oh, eurasian kitty has a sad?
Ah, there's our friends from Allerseelen and Sonnenkind, who also plays with Drunk Uncle Uwe Nolte
Ah, Gregorio Bardini. We wish we could make a post about him, but there's so little to say that , errrrr, no. Congrats Gregorio, you made it here anyway.
Oh the eurasian boys must have wet their panties that day

Beautiful to see that cringy boomer memes are a kink for eurasian artists.

oh josef will be pleased and certainly will drop us another 3 or 4 love letters
Ah, Marcell Pee Runde's project Miel noir, already mentioned in the Allerseelen article, and Changes. More about that soon...
In memory of that cunt, we would sing the Charles Trenet old french song - Boom.
Well don't you want to ride the tiger, boys? Oh no, Barbarossa Umtrunk is banned from Discogs?
Hopefully there are webzines who are willing to review their productions, like Roberto Filipozzi's Darkroom magazine, a good friend of our dear Zimone.
...and some labels willing to sell them, like Skullline records in Germany. Well, do they actually sell?
Oh I love eurasians tears. I drink a full cup every day.
Aaaaah, drunk uncle, you again?
Ok, I lied, here's Gregorio again.
More eurasian tears!
Yes darya was making music. Yes, it's full cringe.
More eurasian tears!
Interesting to see George Burdi from RAC/oï band RAHOWA (meaning "RAcial HOly WAr") mentioned here. I heard you guys wanted to denazify us?


Allerseelen, from Austria, namely Gerhard Hallstatt, along with Marcel “P” Runde (Miel Noir, Uwe Nolte’s band Barditus and others) and Christien H, is scheduled to play at Menuo Juodaragis in August 2024.

EDIT 5 APRIL 2024 : Menuo Juodaragis has cancelled the Allerseelen performance.

Gerhard has been rather “shy” concerning his position about the invasion war of Ukraine by russia. But here are a few hints.

After the failed attempt of bombing Alexander Dugin’s car which resulter in the death of his daughter Daria, Gerhard posted many articled about it on his Telegram channel

Dugin’s position regarding the invasion of Ukraine is rather well known. Is it useful to go into that lunatic’s eurasist/russian supremacist positions again? For those who don’t know :

Gerhard has been posting many hommages to Darya Dugina, mostly from pro-putin accounts.

Among these accounts that are regularly relayed are the channels of Haus Atlantis, Vladimir Tupin, the Suworow Institut, Intel Slava Z which all share the same views about russia and Ukraine, and have been extensively promoting putinist propaganda.

Gerhard also shared putinist propaganda on his twitter account, such as this post he retweeted regarding the fake news of Ukraine being responsible for the Crocus concert hall  terrorist attack in moscow.

Gerhard also promoted Götz Kubitscheck and Martin Lichtmesz on his Instagram account. Really nice guys as well, who don’t hesitate to push pro-russian and duginist narratives.

Also, bassist Marcel P, who also plays with Uwe Nolte who will certainly have his own article soon, plays in Miel Noir, a band that was featured on a compilation released by the “Eurasian Artists Association”, a pro-dugin/pro-putin label which has since released a compilation promoting the invasion of Donbass by the russian army.