Against The Ruscist Creeps

Here we post those naughty emails some of you send us. And let’s start with no less than Josef Von Thronstahl himself.

…it was a pleasure again to read about me. thanks for the gentle support. measurable success is a wonderful contrast-medium. do i read deutsch between the lines, or is it a well known international undertone which i recognize ? doesnt matter, you did the same great support job to us as the german antifa, and thats what matters. on your faq,s it asks : “are you antifa? left-wing, right-wing, nazis ?  but you forget to ad the main question : how much nato you are ? and thats important to know? well alex, you gave me and other international friends a lot of honorable titles, but its too much honor, because the much honour you gave us, is just because the difference of our believes. and i realy believe that sewastapol and the crimean peninsula have to stay russian. thats the geopolitical price for moving into the western grip. and everybody knew that.  but above all, from the beginning on, washington and your beloved little man in kiev knew how far it would go. but the death of 500.000 people on both sides, is a involuntary cooperation which leaves me speechless… yes lets use all of our words as parts for our diffrent agendas. jk

Alex, sweetie. You know that I am not shy about expressing my opinion on this matter. Your aganda is clear. Your background is clear. but why are you opening a hate wall for those who think differently if only your own hate is being felt there?

But as long as the fish stinks from the head up, it must be possible to trace this tragedy back to its origins. And this origin is not in February 2022 I don’t like the tone with which you and many of your compatriots criticize people who have a different view. I also don’t like the tone of your political leadership. I don’t like the arrogance with which you demand support from Europe, which should really be a matter for the arsonists in Washington. I don’t like the fact that so many people on both sides are being sacrificed for US interests and I don’t like the way our money and armaments are being burned in your cause. Learn to give thanks and practise humility, as long as our support for you endangers our own security.

Thanks Alex and keep on decorating this wall with your own hate. jk