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Spiritual Front – Part One

From VK's Spiritual Front page, dated 2016. Alex Vice = Zimone Salvatori on VK.

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06/04 Rome, Orion club (Italy)
25/04 Pesaro, Spazio webo(Italy
26/04 Milano, Arci bellezza (Italy)
27/04 Milano, Cattedrale club((Italy)
04/05 Roma traffic (Italy)
19/05 Leipzig, Wgt(Germany)
7-9/06 Beja, Nada fest (Portual) (Zimone can’t spell Portugal)
13/06 Bratislava, Slovak radio concert hall ( Slovakia)
14/06 Prague, Underdogs (Czech Republic)
27/07 Fosen (Norway)

It all started with this.

On Friday 10 November 2023, Simone Salvatori, who we will now call Zimone, announced two special solo sets in moscow and saint petersburg, russia, right after dates in Tbilisi (Georgia), Almaty (Kazakhstan, but Zimone can’t spell it properly) and Istanbul (Turkey), Turkey being the only country in Europe where you can get a flight to russia.

What followed has been a shitstorm of a massive size to a point where Zimone deleted the announcement and issued a rather bad “apology” post, which is still regularly fueled by Zimone himself through his childish comments.

Here are some of his “best” moments of panic, insulting his audience and digging further down the shithole where he belongs.

"Z" shit

Some concerned audience members, from Ukraine and elsewhere, started out to point out certains posts that were liked by Zimone, including the famous Z post by Fabrizio Giannese, his good putinist friend from band Aborym. As well as other posts from Zimone himself (if someone has a screenshot of the one where he was mentioning “ukronazis”, monthes before announcing the moskal concerts, please deliver)

For his defence, Zimone replied that he “didn’t understand the post” – here translated from Italian to English. Nevermind that Zimone is Italian, apparently he can’t read his own language.

...and now we nominate Zimone for the award of the Biggest Douche in the Universe

Please remember these when you will read further down that Zimone never meant to be unrespectful.

Warsaw and Vilnius concert cancelled

The concert in Warsaw (Poland), scheduled just two days after on 12 November, was immediately cancelled by the promoter, as well as the concert in Vilnius (Lithuania) scheduled on 20 April 2024.

And what a nice idea from Zimone to immediately insult and threaten audience members and concert promoters. Since then he deleted all of his comments but here are some that have been saved.

Georgia/Kazakhstan/Turkey concerts cancelled

So, first things first, Zimone, if you read me, I know you’ll read me : it’s Kazakhstan. Not Kazakistan. That doesn’t exist.

Anyway, the promoter Pink Hearts immediately cancelled the concerts scheduled in May in Tbilisi, (Georgia), almaty (KazakHstan) and Istanbul (Turkey).

That’s only at that moment that Zimone dropped off the the russia dates, because he was obviously planning to profit off being in Istanbul to take a flight to Mordor, the nearest place where he could fly to russia.

That would be some kind of 'apologies' in a parallel dimension

“now I understand”
“I never meant to be unrespectful and offensive”

Well Zimone, you sure showed us how you understood and didn’t mean to be “unrespectful”.

It’s good to have that reply from Fabrizio Giannese, Zimone’s BFF, side by side with those very clumsy apologies.

“There is no ideology involved”

Yes, there’s no ideology behing all those anti-EU, antivax, antisystem”, anti-NATO that you post every day. Not a single bit of ideology. But you’re a rebel. But no ideology. But yes but no but yes but no.


So what do we learn : that Zimone is a narcisstic retard? Yep.

Here we have a little discussion between Fabrizio Giannese and dear Zimone (as well as with Roberto Alessandro Filippozi of italian webzine Darkroom Magazine, who did a veryyyy good review of the Donbass support compilation by our dear Eurasian Artists), which basically helped Zimone to get the famous video extract of Poroshenko about “the bambini of Donbass in cellars”. That is literally the video that he posted on his comment a few hours later to Veronica Anrathi’s posts quoted earlier. Zimone, it’s so nice to have friends who are slightly less retarded than you like Fabrizio, keep them close to you, you’ll need them when you’re clueless.

Congratulations, you made it to the bottom.

 Can we go even lower?
As Louis Cachet would say – let’s find out………….